JavaScript client-side MVC frameworks

After I find out AngularJS is just one of the client-side MVC frameworks, I wonder what the others are, which ones are most popular, which ones are most suitable for my projects.

  • Top 10 JavaScript client-side MVC frameworks (written in 2012)
  • Comparison by implementing to-do list (written in early 2012)
  • Even, a project ( compares different MVC frameworks by implementing to-do list. You can find more client-side MVC frameworks that you may have never heard of at the website. The project is on-going.

Finally, is it necessary to use these client-side MVC frameworks? Well, it depends. Here is a blog that may help you think about the problem.


Perl for Web Dev

Is Perl still a viable language for web dev?


Catalyst Tips & Tricks

  • Diff between uri_for() and uri_for_action(). uri_for() is usually used for static files like images, css and js. uri_for_action() as its name implies, is usually used for action, such as redirect to a controller’s route, which paths may be changed. See here.
  • Use c.uri_for(“your/path”) rather than “your/path” in Template::Toolkit template
  • Catalyst::Plugin::PageCache – Cache the output of entire pages
  • What’s the difference between :Args and :CaptureArgs in Catalyst? (here)

:CaptureArgs(N) matches if there there at least N args left. It is used for non-terminal Chained handlers.
:Args(N) only matches if there are exactly N args left.

Other Frameworks

  • Mojolicious (doc and wiki). Why not Mojo (here and here)? Personally, I usually need to connect to MySQL/SQLite database, but Mojo is agnostic to database 😦
  • Dancer: lightweight


  • How to execute CGI through HTML’s HREF link (here).