This is my portal page of Node.js.


  • The only problem for me is how to install it as users without root privilege. I found two articles are useful (here and here).


  • Node FAQ (understanding node.js)
  • project70: my favorite node tutorial





  • MySQL driver (discussion. Best-choice node-mysqlexample. Alternative, Sequenlize (doc and Github))
  • Derby.js: MVC designed to be used by Express.js as middleware (example)
  • Express.js: a web app framework uses middleware concept to enhance functionality of applications.
  • Connect.js: an extensible HTTP server framework for node, providing high performance “plugins” known as middleware. Connect is bundled with over 20 commonly used middleware, including a logger, session support, cookie parser and more.
  • nodemon: automatic re-running (or manually restart by type in rs)
  • mongodb: doc, driver API, BSON API, SQL to MongoDB
  • Grunt and plugins

Blogs & Articles


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