JavaScript Medley

I meet good JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and related tools from time to time, but never get a chance to look into or write down my experiences with them. So, I put such tools here for future use.  I also put some good articles about JavaScript here.


Template engine


  • Chart.js: Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers
  • dygraphs: a fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library
  • xChart (d3 based): bar chart, time-series line, with interactive feature
  • C3.js (d3 based): bar chart, spline chart
  • dimple (d3 based, recommended): bar, scatter, bubble, line, area charts
  • Rickshaw (d3 based, recommended): many
  • NVD3 (d3 based, recommended): many
  • jsPhylogSVG: plot tree in SVG format. It takes different tree formats such as newick and phyloxml, but for better and customized appearance, you would better use phyloxml. You can customize the appearance by either JavaScript or XML or both.
  • InfoVis toolkit: interactive data visualization
  • BioJS (developed by EMBL-EBI): reusable components for presenting biological data
  • Tool list


JS tips & bites

JS Digests

  • Callback functions (here)

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